A little background into whisper willow designz

Expressing myself creatively is what I do best and I’m definitely a flower child at heart. I always try to take each day as it comes and will forever believe that everything happens for a reason. Designing has always been my passion and I decided to put that energy into creating my own jewelry.

Jewelry is something I started dabbling in back in 2006/2007. When things got rough, I started diving into it more & more. It was a stress reliever for me, something that made me happy and helped me cope with the ups and downs of life.

I first envisioned myself starting my own jewelry business in 2009. I have a graphic design background and I worked & worked on creating a name for myself, but I was never happy with it. Over the years, I’ve learned many new techniques and have come up with many of my own jewelry designs. During the summer of 2011, I came up with Whisper Willow Designz & fell in love with it. In October of 2011, it became official. I have a full time job as well, but I’m happy to be doing what I love most with any free moment I get.

Currently I have sold to 30 different states, as well as a military base and to Canada. Pretty awesome!

What this all really means in a nutshell:

To me, Whisper Willow Designz is about facing your fears, embracing change, and believing in yourself. Designing and creating my jewelry is my inspiration to keep moving forward, it’s my saving grace.

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