Rock Paper Scissors, Shoot!


I’m always trying to get my name out there, you know, promote promote promote! Whether it’s twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc. You get the idea.

So about a month ago I was contacted by an event designer from Rise to the Occasions, a California based wedding design company and they’re doing a style shoot in Joshua Tree National Park with the theme of “Rock Paper Scissors”.

They found my Etsy shop and contacted me because they want to use one of my necklaces in the shoot! I was completely shocked and a little leery at first. I did my research of course and everything turned out to be legit.

They’re hoping to get the photos published on a few different wedding blogs, one in particular. But if not, they’ll be on the Event Designers site as well as the photographers site. That in itself is enough for me. Of course it would be awesome if they were published on major blogs/sites but I still think it’s fantastic  that someone even sought me out to try this. The shoot is supposed to take place at the end of March (which would be any day now). Wish me luck, this could be great for Whisper Willow Designz. I’ll post updates as soon as I have more info!

If you’d like to see more info about this necklace please follow the link below to view the listing on Etsy: