There’s HOPE in Las Vegas!

ImageImageSo recently I was contacted through my Etsy shop by someone who had bought one of my ‘hope anchors the soul’ keychains. They were from Las Vegas and they said they were starting a new company and the acronym would be hope. They still had a lot of finalizing to do with the actual deciding of the name but if they chose to go with that one, they wanted three keychains with “hope” in all caps. She said she would get back to me in two days to let me know.

When I’m contacted like that, I normally hold my breath, especially when it’s something I really want but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Then I try to just block it out of my brain until the time limit is up.

Sure enough, two days later (well, it might have been three but hey, who’s counting right?) I received an email saying they were good to go with the name and they still wanted the keychains. I was ecstatic! I love doing custom work and special requests, and it was even more exciting that it was going to Las Vegas. I may never have had the chance to go there but I’ll be there in spirit!

I can only hope with these small opportunities that have been popping up that they start to eventually lead to even bigger opportunities. It’s amazing how my little business has grown in the last year and a half. Granted, I’m not a millionaire by any means, but it’s exciting when I know I’m on my way to getting my name out there more and more!

To view the regular ‘hope anchors the soul’ keychains follow the link below to my Etsy shop:


UPDATE: Rock Paper Scissors, Shoot!


I was contacted again today by Heather from Rise to the Occasions. I was actually hoping I would hear something from them soon because I was wondering how it went! I do try to be patient, but sometimes I just get too excited.

They’re currently working on submitting the photos to a couple print magazines via Two Bright Lights (to learn more about them visit I had to set up a profile through the site since this will help to further the process and I’ll be recognized in the submission. Plus she said it would also help for any future shoots we may do together, which I definitely hope I get to be a part of again. Or I guess I should say I hope my jewelry gets to be a part of again!  I’ll be receiving hi-res versions of the photos soon, I can’t wait to see them! I’ll continue posting updates as I receive them.

Regardless what happens with the submission, I’m still excited about it and I think it’s great they asked me to do this. To me it’s a huge compliment and I hope that more things like this continue to come across my doorstep in the future!


Infinity Cross Bracelet – perfect for Easter!

ICB01_1 ICB01_2 ICB01_3

See full details on this bracelet in my Etsy shop by clicking the link below:

I was recently given a photo of a bracelet similar to this one. I’ve seen some like it before and I always thought they were cute and considered making ones like them, but obviously I never got around to it. I figured when someone asked, I finally had a reason to!

I love when someone comes to me with an idea, or a photo like in this instance, and wants me to create it personally. It just gives me a sense of pride knowing someone likes my work enough that they want me to make it personally for them.  It’s also a sense of accomplishment when it’s finished how you like it and you know the customer will love it! My mom has also already requested one of these bracelets for Mothers Day.  Love it!

With Easter literally around the corner, I figured I should get around to posting this. I had planned to sooner, but as most times with my blogging, I tend to procrastinate!