The exciting world of printables!


After a lot of thought and consideration, I’m taking a little break from the jewelry side of my business. As much as I enjoyed it, I think I enjoyed it more as a hobby. I always told myself when it became more like work than fun, that was when I would need to put a stop to it. Or at the very least, put it on hold. The great thing about it is if I decide to get back in to it, there’s really nothing stopping me. 
This brings me to the exciting world of printables! I remember my mom telling me atleast 5 or 6 years ago it was something I should get into. But you know how that goes, who wants to listen to their parents right? Well, here I am, getting into printables. Designing them that is.
From scrapbooking to craft supplies, to party and wedding favors and everything in between – the uses for them are endless. And they’re inexpensive, which makes them even more appealing. Plus, who can pass up an instant download? All you need is a computer, printer, paper and ink. And a couple dollars to purchase them of course.
My biggest problem is procrastination. Whereas I should have already made many new tags for summer, I’m sitting here writing about making new tags for summer. I need to be a season ahead, not a season behind. Thankfully I’ve built up my customer base somewhat, to the point that if someone wants something without waiting, they contact me themselves and ask for a custom tag. That being said, I’m very excited about this new journey for my business. Who knows what the future will hold, but for now, Whisper Willow Designz will be immersed in hang tags for crafters, party favors, wedding favors and whatever else my imagination can imagine!

Boho Inspired

boho3 boho4

Creating and designing jewelry is just like any other craft. You have to feel inspired. And when you’re inspired you just go with it.

Sometimes you have no idea what you’re going to come up with. Other times, it’s exactly what you pictured.

When I had the idea for my new boho bracelets, this is exactly what I pictured. Actually it turned out better than what I had pictured.


This is the style I personally love! It’s the direction I want to take my shop in, even if it may be a little more expensive to do so, it’s what I enjoy and you can’t make something and put your heart & soul into it if you don’t truly enjoy what you’re doing. I hope everyone enjoys the new look as much as I do! Although they’re still in the testing stage, they’ll be listed on my website and in my etsy shop very soon so stay tuned!

A new chapter.

Wow, I went MIA for a little while, but I’m back!

It’s been a hectic couple of months. I’m somewhat taking my business in a different direction. While I’m still creating and designing my own jewelry, I’m also getting more into jewelry supplies, as well as graphics & designs for crafts/scrapbooking.

I’ve created a website for everything I offer. Which is why there has been nothing new produced lately, but that’s soon going to be changing. It took a lot to get everything up and running but I’m very excited about it! So please check out my website and see what I’ve been up to. 🙂

My dreams are in Florida.. for now!

PxSSV2CP.jpg small

A few months ago I was contacted by a girl on LinkedIn. Her name was Melinda Tomasello  and she wanted to know if she could do a few shots of my jewelry. At first I questioned it a little bit, because these days you just never know with people. I didn’t want to be too trusting but I had a good feeling about her,  so after tossing around the idea for a few days I finally checked out her info and all of her work. After looking at her work, I had an even better feeling! So, I got back to her and told her I’d give it a shot.

I am so glad I did. Firstly, she’s a wonderful person and someone that I would definitely love to meet in person one day. So, Melinda, if I get to come to Florida again, I’ll definitely be visiting! 🙂 Secondly, she’s very, very talented and driven. She did an absolutely wonderful job with the photos and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s amazing when you see a piece you’ve created, whether it’s artwork, jewelry, a craft, etc. and then have someone else put their spin on it. She captured my pieces exactly how I hoped she would, especially with the dream bracelet and the guitar. My jewelry has always given me a calm, relaxed feel when I’m creating it and that’s what I would like to be portrayed to people when they see it. Let’s just say, I think she nailed it!

Here are the photos from Melinda:

melinda-tomasello-for-whisper-willow-designz- 6371_lowres Melinda Tomasello Jewelry Photography for Whisper Willow DesignzI absolutely love them! I did think I was getting a little better with my photos, until I placed Melinda’s beside them 🙂 Hers blew mine out of the water!

This was already feature at the top but this was a photo of my dream bracelet in a style shoot:

PxSSV2CP.jpg smallHer fashion blogger friend Ty helped her out with this and they both did an awesome job! I fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it. Absolutely perfect!

If you would like to use Melinda’s photography skills, please visit her website:

Also if you would like some advice on fashion, please visit Ty’s blog:

If you click on the photos, it’ll take you directly to my Etsy listing. Enjoy! 🙂



Rock Paper Scissors Photo Shoot – finally got photos!

photoshoot_3 photoshoot_2 photoshoot_1So the other day I was sent a few of the photos from the photo shoot in California. I thought they turned out great! It’s all very surreal. I have not heard if they were published in any blogs or magazines yet but they are on the site, as you can see on the photos.

It’s so exciting seeing my jewelry on someone else and especially for this reason! Whether this will get my name out there more or not, I don’t know. Regardless, I was just happy to be a part of this amazing opportunity and I only hope there are more of these to come 🙂

It’s a hit & then it’s not… and then it is again!

BRW01_4 BRW01_2I’m going to start with the very first watch I created. I was so excited about this when I finally figured out how I was going to make them. It took me forever to find all the supplies I needed. My first problem was the leather. Finding the pieces of leather and how I was going to attach the snaps. I even bought tools that I needed for this, only to take them back a few weeks later after I finally found what I was looking for. Pieces of leather with the snaps already attached, as well as adjustable sizing. All I had to do was cut it to the right width.

The cutting was the scary part. Having never cut leather before and not wanting to ruin any pieces that I purchased (they’re not cheap) I was a little nervous about starting them. They were a little wider than what I wanted so I ended up trimming some of each side and then cutting the slits in the middle. It was a little bit of a learning process but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I got the hang of it pretty quickly! That being accomplished I then had to figure out how to attach the watch face because my original plan of using jump rings wasn’t going to work. Then it hit me. Wire wrapping! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I was very pleased with the end result. They did take some time to make, but once I figured out what I was doing the process got much  easier. I just love seeing the end result, especially when it’s better than you imagined it would be!

These first watches were a huge hit, I can’t even remember how many of them I sold because it was around the holidays and everyone seemed to want one, I was ecstatic! Then I ran out of supplies, the watch faces to be precise. I went to order more and low and behold they were out of stock. This went on for a few weeks until I finally called the company and found out they were no longer carrying the item. With much disappointment I went on a search for new watch faces. I eventually found new ones, two different styles (as you can see in the pictures below) that I thought were really cool, however, the same thing happened.

BLW01_2 BRW02_4 BRW02_5

So after a lot of thought, I have decide to just discontinue them. It may be a good thing because I always stressed about them somehow not working when the customer received them. They always worked for me but when they left my hands I had no control over what happened.  I always tested them because the last thing I wanted was to be selling a faulty product and lose credibility with my customers.

It’s tough because when you find something that works and something that sells you want to keep that product. I’m taking this little setback as part of the journey with my business because it taught me something new and pushed me to get more creative. As always, it also gave me plenty of inspiration for new designs.

That being said, the leather and other supplies I used will definitely not be wasted.  As you can see, one of my new designs is the leather dream bracelet.


Click the image or the link below to see more details about this product in my Etsy shop.  Stay tuned for new items coming soon 🙂


UPDATE: Rock Paper Scissors, Shoot!


I was contacted again today by Heather from Rise to the Occasions. I was actually hoping I would hear something from them soon because I was wondering how it went! I do try to be patient, but sometimes I just get too excited.

They’re currently working on submitting the photos to a couple print magazines via Two Bright Lights (to learn more about them visit I had to set up a profile through the site since this will help to further the process and I’ll be recognized in the submission. Plus she said it would also help for any future shoots we may do together, which I definitely hope I get to be a part of again. Or I guess I should say I hope my jewelry gets to be a part of again!  I’ll be receiving hi-res versions of the photos soon, I can’t wait to see them! I’ll continue posting updates as I receive them.

Regardless what happens with the submission, I’m still excited about it and I think it’s great they asked me to do this. To me it’s a huge compliment and I hope that more things like this continue to come across my doorstep in the future!